There are some songs you hear and immediately you say “I wish I’d written that”. Gillian Tuite and Fred Koller have written such a song in
Something We Should Try
— Charlie McGettigan

Something We Should Try (2019)

Gillian’s new single ‘Something We Should Try’ was co-written with renowned Nashville songwriter Fred Koller (Nanci Griffith, John Prine). This simple country love song was born on a November afternoon at Fred’s bookshop in Nashville. It tells the story of a friendship with the potential to be something more, written from the perspective of a person living alone who would like to take that next step and ‘make this house a home’.

Gillian returned to Nashville to record the song with acclaimed bluegrass producer Thomm Jutz at his studio TJ Tunes. The recording features Gillian Tuite (guitar, vocals), Thomm Jutz (guitar, backing vocals), Mark Fain (bass), Lynn Williams (drums) and Justin Moses (fiddle).

‘Something We Should Try was released in March 2019, accompanied by a wonderful music video from Dublin based One Productions. Check it out below!

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A very accomplished piece indeed
— Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster
Impressively polished EP of well-composed songs, dealing with matters of the heart
— Anglo Celt

Gillian Tuite EP (2012)

Gillian’s debut EP was released in November 2012 and showcased four of her beautifully crafted songs.

Recorded at House of Horns in Dublin, Gillian collaborated with a number of established Irish musicians to bring her songs to life: Noel Bridgeman (drums, percussion), Dan Bodwell (bass), Hugh Buckley (guitar, backing vocals), Stephen Brady (backing vocals), Patrick Daly (fiddle) and Michael Buckley (saxophone).